Day 13 – 10%

We had our first real test of our tent last night as it started raining around midnight and was still raining when we woke in the morning. Luckily we seem to have passed the test and stayed dry in the tent, we also had a nice big shelter to run into for breakfast and packing up our stuff. We were definitely sad to leave this spot as it had everything we needed and was very relaxing to spend a night there. The rain had mostly stopped by the time we started hiking and we got going with about 10km of road walking to get to the next trail. The Helena Ridge rapidly ascended over 5km through nicely established track and some farmland with great views back to Helena Bay. It was a sweaty climb but rewarding for the views. After lunch at the top we spent the afternoon traversing an open ridge that continued to have great views. It was also raining slightly this whole time so we were kept nice and moist. The ridge came to a road and the end of the Helena Track. We walked down the road and after filling up water another 4km down the next trail to set up camp right before the turnoff. It wasn’t the best spot to camp but these jungles are thick and steep so we had limited choices… We have about 9km left on this trail which we’ll tackle tomorrow and then hope to hit a resupply store before it closes tomorrow night (as it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow). We’re also passed the 300km mark for the trail now and about 10% done! Doing some quick mental math we estimate we’re moving at about 25km a day and will be in Wellington by about Day 70 give or take a few days.

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