Day 23 – Chasing Storms

Not a very productive day for us in terms of distance. We were aiming to cross an estuary that could only be crossed at low tide and low tide was around 4pm. We timed it well enough to leave Orewa with enough time to go the 16km to Stillwater where the crossing. It was easy walking along sidewalks and roads but there was a full storm pumelling the North island and we were completely caught up in that. When we got to Stillwater we were soaked through and wouldn’t have been able to make the crossing as king tides were causing issues with water levels.

The storm was intensifying and the kind people at the Stillwater camp offered us an indoor spot for the night to keep dry and avoid being blown away.

We did end up going to the club next to the camp and getting fish and chips for dinner so not all was lost. In the end it was probably a wise decision to bed down and ride it out warm and dry than try and push through it.

Also I wasn’t able to take any pictures today as the storm was that bad…

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