Day 25 – Slackpacking

We had a few tasks to run around Auckland in the morning (including getting Heather her 3rd pair of shoes), so we didn’t get started until after noon. The Auckland route is pretty tricky in that there aren’t really any places to camp in the city or in the suburbs and it’s about two and a half days of hiking to get to somewhere you can camp. We decided instead to slackpack. What this means is that we’re staying in Auckland and hiking without our packs through the city part of the trail. At the end of the day we’ll bus back to the hostel. We did this approach today and we’ll do it again tomorrow for a full day before finally leaving Auckland after that. Today’s walk was a relatively short one for not having our packs. We were following the coast to coast trail that goes from where we got off the ferry yesterday to the end of Onehunga and a bridge over out of Auckland central. The unique thing about this is that as the name suggests it goes from one ocean to another. The trail wound through the city climbing both Mt Eden and One Tree Hill and going through many other parks and neighborhoods along the way. There were was still a little storm damage noticable around the city as well. We eventually finished up at the other coast and stopped right before crossing over the bridge. As part of our slackpacking routine we then bus’d back to Auckland and had pizza for dinner!

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