Day 47 – Northbound…

We made a nice big breakfast of beans, hash browns, and scrambled eggs at the YHA and then set off around 9am, a little later than usual. In our previous night of reading around the hostel we’d found out that today’s trail, the Fisher trail, was actually a cycle route and would probably be quite easy for us so we were much less concerned about time. We exited National Park over the railway and began along a gravel road for several kms. After awhile we started to go downwards and got some great views out over the valley. We’d also started in nice clouds but by now it was getting really hot and sunny. After our morning snack break (breakfast bars that we seem to have bought way to much of), the track switched to a skinnier, grassy path and we continued or descent. We reached gravel road at the bottom and continued another 3km to a spot for lunch. On the way we ended up contending with about half a km of bees buzzing around us. Neither of us got stung but the bees seem to be a little more proactive than usual down in this valley. We also started to see a lot of goats hiding around in the bushes. After lunch we had about 40km to go until reaching the put in for the canoe. Unfortunately this was too much to get done in one day, especially with the heat we had, so we made it another 15km to a junction with a good camping spot and a toilet and will finish the remainder tomorrow. The rest of the afternoon on the road was unbearably hot and certainly not helped by the fact that this road section is actually heading North and not South, so the exact opposite direction we’re trying to go on road in really hot conditions… We reached the campsite around 4pm and immediately spread out remaining wet things out to dry and hide in the shade. We spent a good portion of the afternoon hiding under an apple tree (and eating some sour apples) but after realizing that the shade wouldn’t last forever here and being attacked by fruit flies we pitched our tent in the ever extending shade of the bathroom. We thought we had a stream water tap but when that turned out to be dry I went scrambling around a river bank to fill up our bottles, cook dinner, and get into our tent. Unfortunately there’s huge storm clouds above us but no storm yet so we’re having to sleep under the rainfly in anticipation of it coming.

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