Day 52 – Still Boating

It’s never a quiet night in New Zealand as at a minimum there’s always an array of birds making a wide range of noises. Most often you also hear the rustling of a possum or some other rodent through the night as well. Last night we thought we heard a dog sniffing around but awoke to find a very large pig sniffing around very close to our tent. It didn’t seem at all bothered by us but was very intent of eating everything around us. It was a really cold morning with everything blanketed in fog but you could look up and see that it was going to be a hot day with clear blue sky and no clouds on the horizon. By the time we got down to the canoe it was getting hot and while we had a few minutes of enjoying the sun we were quickly back to trying to get into the shade again. The river was completely flat today with no breeze and not a lot of movement. We had a couple really good rapids that jetted us along but other than that it was pretty straight forward paddling. It was a pretty short day with the conditions that we had and we made it to the hut just after 1pm with the afternoon to hangout here and relax. The hut is small but nice and we have it to ourselves tonight, the last people to stay here were two nights ago and we saw the American couple that we haven’t seen since Bream Heads way up North stayed here 7 nights ago. We’re spending the afternoon with the remaining bottles of wine we have left and all of our snacks trying to get through everything before we have to start actually carrying it again after tomorrow.

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