Day 87 – Hamilton Hilton

No mice last night, at least none that we heard, so mouse proofing was unnecessary but I guess doing it anyway is probably why there’s no mice in the hut. When we signed the hut book I noticed in the comments this hut, being quite nice compared to other huts on this loop, was fondly referred to as the Hamilton Hilton. We spent the morning hanging out here as it’s a fairly short days walk to the next campground. The other girl left fairly early so it was a nice morning relaxing and reading.

When we did get going the track was fairly easy and I don’t think we did any climbing or descending all day. It quickly converted to 4WD track that was in and out of the river.

It was fairly cold and overcast which was actually really good conditions for hiking. No sun exposure and not to hot. There also weren’t a lot of sand flies when we stopped for lunch either which was nice. Unfortunately we didn’t get any views of The Pinnacles, apparently a geological highlight of this section.

We eventually hit actual road and after a short distance more reached the campground. The sun finally came out and we’ve been able to dry out all of our socks and shoes this afternoon. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep them dry tomorrow. A few NoBo’s showed up in the evening and we’ve had a good chat with them. It’s getting much colder at nights now and it sounds like we have a number of nights in the tent coming up.

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