Day 2 – Long Walks on the Beach

Still benefitting from the jetlag (+3-24 to get back to PST) we were able to get an early start after a very restful night. Our trash was even torn apart by a possum right outside our tent and neither of us stirred throughout. Breakfast was a quick bowl of oats with some coffee then we set off hiking at about 0830.

The hike started out with some aggressive ups and downs along a dirt pathway surrounded by thick New Zealand bush. It was a great morning start and after about 5km left us with a great view of the surrounding area and 90 mile beach ahead of us. We quickly decended down the stairs and got started on the beach an hour into our days tramping. This last one is Heather taking her first couple steps onto the beach. We’d heard a lot about the beach walking and how it can destroy many attempting thru hikers and while we’re not yet destroyed we are very sore and hot. I would say the few key highlights included two tour buses, three SUVs, finding a log to sit on, and lunch. We made it to the campsite around 1530 feeling very sore, burnt, and tired. We’ve both got a few blisters settling in and neither of us can lift our arms above our heads right now. The campsite has water and a little hut for shade, which is our savior right now. We have another 30km (today’s total was 28km) to trek all on the beach tomorrow so will have an afternoon and evening out of the shade and doing some major maintenance on our bodies. Overall feeling tired but happy!

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