Day 3 – Just Another Day on the Beach

Another beautiful start to the day, after being the only people in the campground we woke to a great sunrise and were even treated to a rainbow over breakfast (first picture below is last night’s sunset).

After breaking camp around 0830 again we got on with what we knew would be a long monotonous slog along the beach. A couple key highlights included: – 10 cars – 3 vans (1 twice) – 1 horse – 2 buses – 5 pick-up trucks – 1 tow truck – 2 bicycles – 1 quad bike – 1 plane Needless to say 30km of beach is a lot of beach… An unnecessary amount of photos below prove that point. The real highlight of the day was reaching tonight’s camp. We arrived about 1630 and discovered a reasonably sized beach hostel style set up. The site had a large sheltered kitchen are with plenty of seating, hot showers, and a few cabins scattered around. We ended up picking a tent spot and quickly put our feet up for a long restful afternoon/evening. If we didn’t have them before today was definitely the day of blisters. A couple before, during, and after surgery photos below of a lovely blister on the bottom of my foot (and also some of the hostel). We did get a delicious fruit smoothie each from the hostel owner which was very helpful. We’re both pretty sore tonight and nervously awaiting our final but by no means insignificant 32km stretch to Ahipara and the end of the beach tomorrow.

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