Day 16 – Dessert Day

A nice early start waking up to some hens yelling into our tent. It was all good as James made some great coffee and we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of crackers and peanut butter. We’ve realized with all the stores and houses we’re passing and getting food at we’re probably carrying to much in our packs. Another morning shower set us on our way, lots of road today with a little forest sprinkled in. Also a very long day as we broke through the 30km length again. This part of the trail has a lot of well embedded hosts that typical have unique and fun set ups so there’s plenty of motivation everyday to get through to the next night. Right before getting to Pataua we randomly hit a cafe that had just opened for the season. Obviously we stopped and enjoyed some coffee and a pastries. We were well ahead on time for the day, probably our fastest day yet considering it was a full 30km. Pataua was a neat little town sitting on an inlet from the ocean. It was pretty busy with people still celebrating the holidays and it seemed everybody was out for a swim. Tonight’s campsite was a little past the town at a place called Tidesong overlooking a portion of the inlet. We were actually supposed to walk through the inlet when the tide was out but we arrived at high tide so road walked around. We’ll leave through the inlet tomorrow morning at low tide. Getting closer to Auckland now and starting to hit a town/store pretty much everyday. Also, for those who want a blister update. It’s turned into a nice hole on the bottom of my foot that keeps filling up with rocks and dirt. I’m keeping it clean every night and it seems to be healing, but still a pretty sizeable hole. Heather also has something similar on her pinkie toe for those worried about her feet. She’s pushing through as well though.

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