Day 17 – Blown Away

Continued to enjoy the great view this morning from Tidesong. Unfortunately they were out of desserts but did make it coffee and offered us pancakes for breakfast. We ended up having to decline the pancakes as we needed to get underway and across the estuary while the tide was low. They walked us down to their dock and had a little ladder we hoped on to descend into muddy mangroves. From there we strode right out across the estuary and through some more thick mud on the other side and then up the back and off. We did this part barefoot and the mud felt really cool on our feet, it wasn’t easy to get off before putting our shoes back on though. From there we began our climb of Kauri mountain. It wasn’t anything to demanding but did have some of the best views so far on the way up and at the top. We came down off Kauri mountain and got back on the beach for a short 10km stretch. It was surprisingly nice to be back on the beach, perhaps because we knew what to expect and knew how short it was comparatively. We did find ourselves walking near high tide so had to suffer through some soft sand. We were also hiking right towards the Bream Heads, which we would soon be climbing. The climb up Bream Heads included about 400m of immediate near vertical climbing. It was made possible by the fact that there were stairs in a few places. As it was so exhausting I stopped to take a bunch of pictures of the incredible views of the way up. The whole trail took about 5-6 hours to complete and in typical New Zealand style there were multiple summits each with a 200m+ descents in between. A lot of up and down but great views the whole way. Coming down the last descent and out on to the road we passed a point that was ridiculously windy. Heather’s heavy pack was about the only thing keeping her from blowing away. We hiked a little further along the road and found a campsite that we have to ourselves called the Green Bus Stop. It’s a neat little place with great amenities and a large vegetable garden. The host ran us to the nearest store so we could pick up some food items and even provided bread, butter, and baked beans for breakfast tomorrow! We’re both pretty exhausted tonight after another long day but are going to bed dry and well fed.

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