Day 38 – One Foot in the Bog

We’d planned on having a huge day today so got started early. We did a quick breakfast and broke camp around 7am. The first part of the trail was listed as “farmland” but the notes also said 5 hours for 15km which is a lot slower than we usually hike. We started out in the valley hiking through mist and were moving pretty fast until I suddenly went knee deep into a bog. It came out if nowhere and looked like what we’d just been walking on but my leg was just lost in the bog. From there on out the trail was a lot of navigating around bogs, sliding across steep muddy terrain trying not to slip into the river, and fighting off prickly bushes. We did get some great views and enjoyed the hike but it did end up taking pretty much the full five hours and we were tired after. After getting sufficiently boggy and smelling like sheep poo we came out of the forest and hit farm track. By now it was about 12:30 and the sun was out in full force with no shade. We walked along the farm a ways to a campsite that had been set up by the farmer. This had shade and water and we did a quick wash, rinsed some of our clothes, and had lunch. It was a nice spot to camp and the shade was great but being so early in the day we felt we should continue pushing forward. The next section was a 35km road section that we thought we might be able to accomplish with the rest of the day. It turned out the road was uphill for a good way and very exposed so we tired much faster than we thought and although we kept up a good pace we were getting too tired towards the end to keep going.

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