Day 39 – Timber

It ended up raining last night so we were even more grateful for the huge tent that kept us very dry. The group gave us breakfast in the morning and set us on our way for the remaining 10km to the Timber Trail and the start of the next track. The Timber Trail was estimated as 5 days so we were expecting some fairly tough terrain. The trail itself is also a popular biking route. We were surprised to see one we got on the trail that it was quite wide, open, and well formed. It was very easy hiking and we’re thinking if it stays like this we might not need the full amount of time on the trail. The one part that was difficult was a side trail off the main track that took us to the summit of Mt Pureora. This was much more like the typical TA trails and included steep ascents, mud, and completely fogged in views from the top. Coming back down we relinked up with the main trail and headed to our hut for the night, The Bog Inn. It’s a really old four bunk hut a little ways off the trail and not really serviced anymore. There’s another group staying here tonight so it’s for sure going to be a squeeze but it’s dry and much warmer than being stuck outside.

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