Day 40 – No Easy Day

We finally passed the 1,000km mark today. We’re officially done with over 1/3rd of the trail (camping at around 1,007km tonight). Apparently there was supposed to be a marker but we didn’t see anything and given that we’d probably already passed 1,000kms walked it was fairly uneventful but it feels good to be done with that much of it. Today started out very wet. It wasn’t raining and seemed slightly drier than yesterday but none of our clothes had dried out so in the morning we pulled on wet clothes and packed away other wet clothes and with rain jackets and pack covers on set out again. It didn’t take long to rejoin the main Timber trail from the Bog Inn and once we were back on it was fairly easy going. Not long after rejoining the trail the sun came out and we removed our rain jackets and actually broke a sweat. It seems the trail either keeps us soaking wet and cold or too hot. We came to our first suspension bridge after a few kms, it was pretty huge and pretty high but didn’t feel like it was wobbling too much. It looked pretty sturdy as well.

The second suspension bridge wasn’t long after this but was a little shorter and less intimidating. The rest of the day was a nice gentle downhill slope through various patches of forest on the old logging route and one tunnel like section. We reached the Timber Trail Lodge (where the rooms are really expensive) and then the free campsite right around lunch. This was a campsite we’d planned on skipping but as it seems we’re a little ahead compared to what the trail notes recommend and it was sunny (at the time) we decided to spend the afternoon drying out and stay for the night. We did a reorganization of our food, with hopes to arrive at the next town without any extra, and spent the afternoon reading and drying everything out. Unfortunately the weather in this area seems to be heavy rain and clear blue skies alternating every 30 minutes but we’ve managed to get much drier than we were and get through a lot of our food. We’ll have a big day tomorrow and then an easier day into town after that.

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