Day 95 – Breakfast Sushi

It was a cold but dry night by the lake and we went undisturbed, or at least didn’t hear anything. We hadn’t left much for breakfast other than a few bars on the basis that we would only be 10km from Twizel so got going pretty quick. It was cold but about the same as yesterday in terms of cloud coverage and lack of wind which was nice.

We continued walking around the edge of the lake and were vindicated to see that there were no good camping options further beyond where we had stopped and further that when we reached the recommended spot it was packed with campervans and looked quite horrible.

A lot of the clouds had cleared and the lake and mountains looked pretty spectacular on the walk around. We crossed the outlet for the lake and reached the shop for the salmon farm that we’d passed yesterday. Thankfully they were open and I enjoyed some fresh morning sashimi. It probably wasn’t the highest quality fish I’d had but was no doubt fresh.

We took a few photos since everyone else seemed to be as well before getting going again.

The cycle way we were following continued on parallel to the highway. It was a pretty straightforward walk with just a few pines and then a lot of flat land. With the road/gravel day previously we were pretty exhausted and certainly our knees and ankles are fairly destroyed. Thankfully it’s a half day into Twizel so we’ll have some time to rest this afternoon.

We did see a plane flying around above us for awhile and despite my attempts and waving they didn’t wave back. We reached the end of the flats track and followed the side of the highway into town.

Our first stop was a cafe for lunch where I had a burger and Heather and a burrito. We then went to another cafe for second lunch where I had a sausage roll, flat white, and chocolate caramel slice and Heather had an equal amount of delicious looking food. We’d been talking about how much weight we’ve lost recently and I commented that we’d have to cut back to one lunch when we stop walking. We’re looking forward to having a nice relaxing afternoon before heading off to Lake Ohau tomorrow.

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